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January 24, 2011


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I would use my invisibilty to go inside all of Irelands banks and take back all the money taken from the Irish people and distribute it back to them. I'd be an invisible innocent robin hood!!!

sheelagh puryer

Sneak around to friend's houses and see what they really get up to behind closed doors!


Sneak into the Leinster team dressing room! Boo!


if i was invisible id go to the bar in the Dail and see what they actually talk about when trying not to topple the country


I don't want invisibility... I want teleportation! Just think! No commuting, no airport hassle, all the CO2 reductions from no need for air travel at all... SO much better than sneaking around being invisible...

Eoin McNamara

If I was invisible I would wait for the people that deliver junk mail or mailshot leaflets; wait behind door for when they put the junk in the letter box, and then run out after them and sneak the leaflets back into their bags...

Devious! Wooo ha ha ha ha ha!


if i was an invisible superhero id go to all my favourite artist concerts and to have the best seat in the house as i was invisble maybe even get up on the stage have a little dance you know ;)

Asha J

I would use my invisibility to go Fruit Towers and cheekily answer the banana phone, singing the 'banana phone' song when I picked it up!


I would stand behind people and shout "I'll never be peckish again!" Brian Blessed voice.

Giovanna Venturi

I would travel the world for free! And I could go home much more often and even not have to use the low cost flying companies YAY :D


If I was invisible for a day I'd hang around fruit towers and consume all the free innocent fruit drinks until I became a super human-shaped fruit smoothie! :)

Jordan Shoe

Society needs innocence and required a return to childhood.


Has to be telepathy! I'd go to the world poker series and make a few million :D Unfortunately i'm no telepath and my game is suffering,a hoodie would cheer me up though!

Faye O' Donoghue

I'd go through my normal day, and when I'm in school and they call the roll they'll say "Faye?" and the girls in class will say "She's out today" and I'll freak them all out and be like "No? I'm right here.."

After that I would probably follow people around town singing French ballads to them in order to make them think they are being harrassed by an invisible French girl rather than just another Irish one.

sean thompson

id just my invisibility to sneak into the smoothie offices and take out all the names for the hoodie competition and replace them with mine :)


Haha, if I had the power of invisibility, i'd never have to pay for another ticket to an oxygen concert, it'd be free entry forever and free back stage passes and all!! I'd also have the best touchline view for every game at Croke park and the Aviva stadium!!


well if i had the power of invisibility i would go down to my local and pick out the biggest alcoholic and after he or perhaps she got half steamed i would pick up their glass or bottle and drink it down while the person looked on in bewilderment. And after a while pledging never again to touch a drop while racing out the door to get home in horror..

noelle sousa

If i had the power of invisability i would sneak into the downstairs toilet in my house an find out who is the person that is leavin little droplets on the seat lol.. I no its not me or my 2 girls who are 5 and 4 so i'm assumin its either hubby or my 11 or 7 yr old boys, colurse everyone denies it!


I would streak at all the matches in croke park

Breda Collins

if i had the power of teleportation, I would bring my brother home from oz for a family occasion, and if I win I'll send him the hoodie instead.....

Val Robus

I would go into all the fastfood places and swap all their fizzy drinks for innocent smoothies ;)


I would board a plane and go on a foreign holiday where the sun is shining and there is no frost n ice!

Lorraine Weldon

Try painting myself to see if that would make me visible.

susan cunningham

I would be a platelet circulating around the body carrying the benefits of innocent smoothies to nourish healthy bodies.

Josephine M.

I would get my gang of innocent smoothies into the government department to see what the ministers really think of us.

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