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March 14, 2011


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id have to say the incredibles, its a great film for the kids.

Damien Hughes

No complaints now, I know this is for St Patricks day but I thought I might see if there were any Kiwi Superheros and lo and behold there is,
Captain Sunshine, Base of operations: New Zealand not much more information than that. It was either that or the Jonah Lomu life story, well, he was almost a superhero, not sure if the cape would have helped him out too much.
anyway, lets put it into a film title,
Captain Sunshine, The green Kiwi powerhouse, vanquisher of scurvy (lots of vitamin c) and provider of anti oxidents.

apologies, got a little excited, I think we might really have a future for this guy, I'll split the movie rights with you!

Pamela Smith

It has to be VMan since Innocent smoothies are packed full of vitamins. VMan can fight off the bad germs that cause illness :)

Linda Caulfield

The return of the incredible Gulp


The Mean Green Fruit Machine

The Smooth Non Criminal


The adventures of Kiwi Boy and Apple Girl


A smoothie operator?

A O'Meara

The Green Gobbling


1) The Green Machine
2) Innocent and Green
3) Professor Green
4) Its not easy being Green.
5) The Shamrock'n'roll Kid


Astro Boysenberry!

Vickie Lawlor

.Green to the Rescue
.Smoothie High
.The Adventures of a Smoothie
.Smoothie Goes Wild
.Green Innocence

Rolando Smoothies

Personally I love green the ones by Dr. Oz. He shared his recipe on Oprah..

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